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Saucony Elite x Bodega 'Pattern Recognition'

Posted on May 05 2015

Boston's very own, Bodega links up with Saucony Elite yet again for a 90's twist! Lets time travel to the past, approximately 25 years back, to the times where obscure patterns and vibrant colors frequented the streets. Bodega has presented us with two G9 Shadow 6 colorways to pay homage to this period in time. The first shoe sports an off-white base, with animal print mesh detailing. Hints of purple, tan, red, blue, and green almost outline an outfit from Zack Morris of Saved By the Bell. Oh, and we can't forget the wild 90's print on the midsole. The second shoe, living up to the retro feel, gives us a classic tan and blue combination. Pink paneling, and the polka dot midsole make it that much louder! We can definitely say that Saucony and Bodega helped us relive our past with this collaboration.

 The Saucony Elite x Bodega G9 Shadow 6 'Pattern Recognition' Pack ($120 USD each) releases this Saturday 5/9. Specific drop info will be posted in the next coming days via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 


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