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Growing up in the Bronx our founders, Tyler and Arik have never forgotten where they came from. The Bronx is considered the birthplace of hip-hop, graffiti, break dance and DJing. The Bronx is the home of the Yankees, the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Van Cortland Park, and the best pizza in the world. The borough has produced celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Al Pacino, Ralph Lauren, Fat Joe, Kerri Washington, French Montana and many more notables. The Bronx has made an impact on every industry out there including music, movies, fashion, sports, art and much more. As we pay tribute to NYC, we never underestimate the value in where we come from and how this city has shaped our lives. We encourage NYC natives and fans of our city to show your love by repping NYC with the most iconic silhouette ever from Nike.

Make History. 

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